Tortoise Welfare UK is a non profit and professional organisation working to improve tortoise welfare standards in the UK. We actively strive to improve welfare through involvement in influential working panels, lectures, workshops as well as attending and hosting conferences. Using a dedicated and knowledgeable team we uniquely aim to work with all areas of the tortoise world including trade, rescue, veterinary and enthusiast organisations.


Create a positive network between tortoise trade, welfare, sanctuaries, rescue, research work, veterinary and enthusiast organisations to raise standards and inform keepers.
Conduct national organisation in a, pro-active, constructive and non-judgemental manner
Provide an open opportunity to share knowledge and experiences of chelonian issues in the UK and in turn collaboratively influence and lobby legislation.
Be at the forefront of the latest advances in tortoise care
Working to constructively and positively regulate a varying standard in welfare
Educate the public to draw informed opinions of organisations and trade on individual merits
Actively promote accurate, modern captive keeping practice in a clear way
Promote responsible, healthy breeding and development

For day to day help and support relating to tortoise keeping please visit: